Brand Partnerships

Our company is here to deliver fashion and flavor to all who seek a top choice. Pure artistry and creativity are the guides used to unveil our vision to you. Undoubtedly superior in use of color and design. 

Join our team! Great energy and enthusiasm are key in seizing this opportunity. Make extra money while looking fabulous.

--- 20% of the sale is paid to the sales rep upon transaction completion. (Commission).                                

---Easy start. Use your phone, time, and energy productively.

--- Wearing the product and being in view of the customer is an excellent way to drive sales to your account. It is so comforting to have a life size image in front of you to relate too. Looking good, working hard, and feeling great together is a combination that can't be beat.

--- Sales are generated by use of advertisement and promotional posts via Social Media, emails, Phone Contact list blasts, business cards, paid advertisement (internet and local news paper) ,word of mouth among family and friends etc.      

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